Friday 27 February 2015

Dealing with Unwanted Body Hair

Laser Hair Removal; is it safe?

Hair removal is a practice that has been around for many years. Modelling agencies are full of models who can testify to that. It has improved over the decades, moving from the traditional waxing practices into more sophisticated options such as laser hair removal. Laser hair removal entails the use of laser beams to remove hair by destroying the hair particles. It is common practice in many developed countries around the world, especially in the United States. The technology entails the concentration of beams onto a hair follicle, which then disintegrates in the process. This technology has come in handy for many people, with many advantages and some disadvantages as well. 

Models Direct
Models Direct
Laser hair removal is faster than waxing and hair removal technicians can see many customers in a single day. It takes several sessions to have the desired effect and it's not necessarily cheap, but for many, having hair removed can be life changing and have miraculous effects on your confidence and mental health. Another merit of laser hair removal is that it is possible for the expert to focus on specific places with precision so they can target only the problem follicles. This works well for the underarm and bikini lines and also delicate places, including the face. The method has been known to lead to permanent hair removal after five sessions on average, which is a lot better than waxing every month!

It's always important to read about the potential side effects of any treatment and Models Direct always advise seeking medical advice beforehand if you have any concerns. In general laser hair removal is safe, but there are a range of companies who do it and some will always be better than others so check out reviews and get prices - if one is half the price of another, it might be worth investigating why! For more tips from Models Direct, read our other blogs and find out about modeling jobs on our website. The video below tells you a bit more about us and Talent Management and the services we offer.

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