Thursday 28 August 2014

Models Direct Male Modelling Beauty Advice

Models Direct Male Modelling Beauty Advice

Models Direct help aspiring male models break into the industry. Here are some tips that you, to succeed in male modelling, should bear in mind.

Models Direct
Models Direct
Modelling is a profession where presentation is extremely important because it caters to the visual aspect. Therefore, grooming is an extremely important factor. They say that the cameras do not lie and hence your overall appearance matters a lot. 

Hair is an important feature that draws immediate attention. The hair style should be neat whether your hair is short or long. Keeping your hair clean is your duty. If you have long hair, then clean it in sections, whereas short hair is easy to clean. Remember you cannot afford to have dandruff on your scalp and hairs.

Face is another vital factor. If you have a good facial structure, you are blessed. Even if you do not have that, it is important to keep your skin glowing. This is one of the most important male model tips for grooming. Stay away from strong astringents and clean your face often which will remove the dirt. However, use products that suit your skin type. 

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Friday 1 August 2014

New Models Direct Reviews

Models Direct Reviews

Models Direct pride themselves on getting their clients the best modelling placements. Here are two male modelling testimonials from real people in their own words. To find out more about Models Direct follow them on Twitter and Models Direct on Facebook. 

Antony Roberts


Feedback for Facebook and Google Places (Medmerry Park - £180):

I had a wonderful time at the shoot, the people doing the filming were very helpful, and my fellow actor / models were terrific, we all had great fun - meeting new and interesting people is always a pleasure!

We were playing the part of a family enjoying a holiday at Medmerry Park, a large holiday complex of chalets on the South coast near Chichester. On the first afternoon, I was joined by three other models. I played the part of the grandfather, a charming lady played my wife, a very nice young man played our son, and finally a beautiful young lady played his wife (our daughter in law). We all became great friends. The next morning we were joined by two lovely children (a boy and a girl) playing my grandchildren. We swam, rode bicycles, enjoyed a jacuzzi, paddled in the sea - all the things a family does on holiday.

This is the first time I have been on a film shoot, previous work has been studio stills. This was a great new experience which taught me a lot.

I would certainly recommend this experience to others, it was great fun. I would advise anyone wishing to work in the talent industry to sign up with Talent Management and to have the best possible portfolio with excellent professional pictures. By all means use any contacts you have to pursue work yourself too. Keep in touch with your agency, let them know you are keen and willing to work and build a rapport with them. I was recommended by a friend to start modelling - obviously the money is a bonus, but I wanted something new and exciting to do - and to meet new people.

Gerald Phillips

Hi all,

I had a fabulous experience being a model/actor for a day. I was not sure what to expect, but thanks to the amazing team members and the client I felt very welcomed. I was playing a role of a little brother to my 11 year old 'sister' and had an amazing set of model parents and grandparents. We had photo shoots and a video recording at the holiday resort park. I loved playing on the beach with my sister - wish I could do it again! It was my first time and I cant wait to take part in more assignments. I highly recommend to start pursuing your acting career asap if you wish to be in the talent industry.  Thank you Talent Management for giving me this opportunity - I feel even more confident in myself and love earning money at my young age. - from Gerald