Monday 30 June 2014

Models Direct

Models Direct

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Feedback for Modelling Job (Coco Blu - £80):

Theo was chosen to do his second clothes fittings with Old Brown/Coco Blu.  We arrived and were greeted by the same friendly faces who immediately made Theo feel comfortable and at ease. They took attention to detail such as making sure the heating was right and they engaged with Theo on his level. The experience was quick and very welcoming just like his first clothes fittings session. Theo has now had 3 jobs with Talent Management, who have kept me well informed and put him forward for the roles which were very suitable to his character and talent. Theo was provided with a boys magazine which catered to him to keep him entertained and engaged.

I would surely recommend other parents consider modelling for their children through Talent Management as it has helped Theo grow in confidence, especially at his age where he is growing into a boy rather than a toddler.  Talent Management have kept me as a parent up to date and I am so very proud to have Theo as a model with the agency.  We look forward to more adventures with Talent Management!



If you are interested in becoming a model or in need of talent management, visit the Talent Management or Models Direct websites. Read the official Models Direct blog here to find out more.

Monday 2 June 2014

Baby Modelling Tips

Models Direct

Baby Modelling Tips

Are you convinced your baby has modelling potential? Models Direct has a few tips to help you out!

 It can be a fun way to fill the first year and spend time with your new-born. While my heart burst at the seams when her pictures appeared in magazines and catalogs, what I wasn't expecting was how it developed her confidence and self-esteem. It also teaches babies about working with others.

To find a reputable baby and child model agency, search online, and ask mums whose children model about their experiences. Do your research and avoid makeover studios posing as modelling agencies. In order to get an agency to see the potential in your baby, get professional, simple shots taken. These should not be airbrushed or digitally manipulated.

No silly shots in sunglasses or eating ice cream. Clear facial head shots and full-length shots are best at showing if your baby has what it takes.
Agencies are always looking for new-borns because they have a short modelling span.

They are always on the lookout for the next fresh face. Six months is a popular age because by then babies are sociable and smiley, plus they're stronger and starting to sit. It is before they reach the terrible two’s!

One thing that's guaranteed is if you've spent three hours on a packed train getting to a job or casting, you'll arrive with a grumpy tired toddler. You need to sacrifice your time to take your baby to these modelling auditions, and they might not get the part. If you know a good local agency, use them.

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Models Direct Testimonial

Models Direct

Welcome to Models Direct, the UK's premier talent management and modelling agency. We have modelling jobs and other gigs across England, whether you are a child, female, male, teen we can find the right talent jobs for you. Visit the models direct website to find out more. Here is a testimonial from Katie:

Hi all,

Feedback for Facebook and Google Places (Feel Agency for Inspired Homes - £200):

I modelled for Inspired Homes for the day.  The location was a very beautiful house in North London, and the shoot involved six of us having various photos taken in different rooms of the home.

I wasn't nervous as this was my 4th modelling assignment with Talent Management, so I feel as though I'm getting a little more confident and comfortable after each job, and gaining more experience is helping me a lot.

Photos were taken of myself and a female model, acting as though we were a couple enjoying our new home.  This was new for me but I adapted fairly quickly. The other models and crew members were very friendly and easy to get along with, which helps towards being relaxed for the shoot.

I enjoy modelling a lot and the variety that comes with it, it is always a little different to what you've done before which makes it that much more exciting to do.

Joining Talent Management has been an enjoyable experience and one of the best decisions I have ever made. It is a great organisation and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in modelling.

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