Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Models Direct Review: Become A Child Model

Models Direct

At Models Direct we pride ourselves on the service we offer. We are here to get you work and make your career happen. For more information, visit the Models Direct website. Here is a real review written by one of our new clients. 

You have probably covered this kind of story before but here goes. We are the parents of a 4 year old boy. We have always had lots of comments about how good looking he is and so decided to put him forward for modelling. We sent his picture to start up models who then rang us and raved about his look. Big ego boost to us but questions in our mind about how legit it was. Went for the photo shoot with them where he was a natural and they again raved about him. Then talked us into paying for a portfolio of 10 photos for £600 (rip off???!!!). We then sent these photos of to a number of agencies and at least 12 agencies got back to us offering to represent him, either for a hefty registration fee or after we had paid for more photos. As new parents to this industry you feel as though you are being conned at every turn and that people are playing on your role as doting parents. How do you know who to trust?
Look forward to hearing from you
Kirsty roter
Our son is registered with talent management who did charge a registration fee but who also offered services that the other agencies did not offer.

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